Here it is... in no particular order... the 32 candidates of the 2013 Bagtastic Voyage to determine the D-Bag of The Year.

Richie Incognito
Ted Cruz
Manti T'eo
Lance Armstrong
Riley Cooper
Anthony Weiner
Justin Bieber
Kanye West
Johnny Manziel
George Zimmerman
Dennis Rodman
Dwight Howard
Hunter Hayes
Billy Ray Cyrus
DeJuan Blair
Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Ted Nugent
Zac Bagans
Hugh Douglas
Jeff Ireland
Vince Young's Twitter Account
Miami Heat Fan from San Antonio
Pistachio Police from Green Bay
John Mayer
Alex Rodriguez
Aaron Hernandez
Alec Baldwin
Ashton Kutcher
Tiger Woods
Jesse James
Tito Ortiz