Charlie Strong has inherited a screwed up situation at Texas and at this point the only appealing thing about that job is how much money it pays. As I write this Joe Bergeron has now been kicked off the team. That would make 5 guys in 2 days. Thanks, Mack Brown. Thanks for allowing the program to turn into one giant soft underbellied, entitled P-word. Thanks for lying to players’ mothers and telling them what a good influence you’d be on their sons. Rather than being the father figure they desperately needed you acted only as the sweet uncle who approves of everything they did. Fair to Mack or not or even only partly true or not this is the spin I’d give if I were Strong.

    Recruiting setbacks were inevitable. Do as well as you can in 2015 and fight like hell to win the 2016 class because that is when real judgment will begin. Tell those parents that he’s the strong black man that they can entrust their kids with away from home. The silly old lovable white man Mack is gone. Don’t like me playing the race card? Tough. 80% of the roster are black kids and if you don’t think it matters to their mamas than you’re nuts. Especially in the households were Daddy is long gone.

    I’d also start establishing a niche. Build a tough defense. Big, bad, nasty and smash your face in. It’s the best way to squash the “Texas is soft” stuff. I suppose what I’m saying is do what Gary Patterson did. UT people won’t like building a niche in TCU’s image but there’s not much Charlie Strong can do. He is in a corner. He’s got to sweep the Mack Brown roster out the back door, he’s got to hope David Ash can hold the fort until a better QB emerges, he’s got to establish a niche, he’s got to put up with the high A-Hole factor at UT and then he’s got to beat Baylor. I haven’t even yet gotten to the impossible task of recruiting against Texas A&M. Selling the SEC is like selling girl scout cookies outside a marijuana shop in Denver. You don’t go to them. They come to you. Yessir! I haven’t even gotten to OU either.

    Strong's style fits in Austin about as well as mine did on their radio airwaves. God bless his little heart. What a hell of a challenge.