I'm no conspiracy nut. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone and hell no 911 wasn't an inside job. If you believe that than you should consider moving to Screwyouville. That being said I am a cynic and I rarely take things at face value. Here are a couple of theories I have this week:

The NFL would love nothing more than for Houston to pass on Johnny Manziel so Jacksonville could gobble him up at #3 pick overall. Then the league can go back to the drawing board in LA and present the Jags featuring "Johnny Hollywood". There would still be so much to get done but with Manziel as the Jags QB surely the two sides would work together to try and get something done in LA. It's a travesty that there are NFL teams in sewers like Jacksonville, Cleveland and Buffalo but not in LA.

Jerry Jones knows Tony Romo is washing up. He just can't say it publicly. He's so far down the road with Romo there's nothing good than would come if Jerry were truly honest and admitted he'd love to trade Romo to Houston for the right to take Manziel. It's mathematically impossible b/c of the Cowboys stupid cap issues though so Jerry just has to BS us about his true feelings. He's good at that though.