It is time.  The NBA Finals have arrived in San Antonio and with it the usual hype. The first example comes from .  At times they have been fairly decent with takes on the San Antoni Spurs and at others.....each has their own opinion.

The most recent article "An Open Letter To Spurs Fans"  is questionable, since nothing was reflective of the Spurs great season prior to the NBA Finals. Anything to lure eyeballs, it seems.





The Spurs have been considered "old,washed up players" time and time again. After last year's NBA Finals game 7 loss to Miami, there was speculation by many in the sports media that it was the last appearance of an aging team .  Doubts even among the most loyal fans seem to confirm this thought without considering the possibilities  of a rematch. 

The team was simple too old and battle worn.

Good thing the San Antonio Spurs did not buy into that way of thinking.  This season the Spurs have proven that being "battle worn" would be a huge advantage on the court - the ability to pick a apposing team apart through perfect ball passing and in your face three pointers.


Defensively the Spurs have shown that their style of defense has been and remains quite successful leaving some of the young guns in the NBA wondering how it was possible for such "old men " to potentially stop them in their tracks.

And still they were considered old and unable to compete in a return to the NBA finals .

Miami demonstrated their belief in that by displaying an aged Tim Duncan on a local Miami billboard.


Miami was further upset with statements made by Tim Duncan after game 6 of the Western Conference Finals against Oklahoma.

Tim simply said "we'll get it done"


Lebron responded with "I can tell they don't like us"

Nothing personally LeBron it's all about business.....the mantra perhaps the Spurs chant in the locker room before every game .

Taking care of business overrides what anyone thinks of your playing ability or age . Only thing that truly matters is how you end the game.

Tonight game 1 of the NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat at the AT&T Center begins at 7pm with pregame  and tip off at 8pm. You can hear all the action on our big brother station News Radio 1200 WOAI.