Suddenly a flash of true concern  crossed Tony Romo's mind in regards to his performance as the Dallas Cowboy's Quarterback......

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Romo = "I need to be better to lift Dallas Cowboys"



You realize just how crazy the world has become when a sporting event such as the World Cup has to be monitored for potential violence with drastic measur4es such as the use of submarines.


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Earlier this morning Taylor asked the question : Is it weird for a guy to go see a movie alone ? 

Jury is still out debating that question.

However... here are 13 annoying things that do occur while trying to watch a movie at the over priced movie megaplex.


Tonight game #4 of the NBA Finals once again finds itself in Miami . The San Antonio Spurs & Miami Heat.  Possible redemption for James and company after a poor performance in game 3 Tuesday night. For the Spurs, perfect opportunity to take advantage of the decisive win Tuesday and possibly walk away with win  #3 as they head back to San Antonio.

Coverage of the game begin at 7pm with game night warmup and you can hear all the action on our big brother station News Radio 1200 WOAI.