Donald Sterling may be a old and controversial individual.....there is plenty of fight left in him when it comes to the NBA.

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It has been six weeks  since the legal wrangling over  who has / should have control over Sterling's financial holdings.  Monday the trial begins and it is already set to be a long battle for both sides.   


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All eyes are on Boris.....


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Big day for the U.S. soccer team as they take on Belgium at the World Cup .


For years the complaint has been that the national sports media did not give the Spurs any "love" .  Today it is a different  situation . It seems that the Spurs are mentioned in article that have nothing to do with them at all.


NBA Free Agency has arrived.

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A few of the NBA players have poised themselves well ahead of the opening bell and looking forward to enjoying what there is  in the land of free agency..