Evidently this particular gentleman had his feelings hurt recently while attending a New York Yankees game. Not due to either team losing, bad food, poor parking availability, bad seating.....no......

Simply by getting caught sleeping....DURING THE GAME.


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Today should be a good match  at the World Cup would not be a surprise if things become a little heated during the game between Germany & Brazil.



The Spurs have announced the signing of undrafted rookie point guard Bryce Cotton, the team announced Monday.


Speaking of the NBA....where are the big money makers heading ?

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Or as the Sports Media has now lovingly called it......"LeBron Watch"




Texas Ranger Miles Mikolas .  Who ?  Yeah, if you are a Rangers fan it is past the time of scratching your head and wondering what has happened to the team. Basically for two reasons. #1. Who is Miles Mikolas and why is he pitching. #2. How does a team give up 16 hits from of all teams the Houston Astros. And for fun...once again who is Miles Mikolas ?


Now our question of the day......

Ever have lunch with somebody like this ?