Thursday night things were a little "heated"  in the AT&T Center.



Despite a warehouse full of turnovers, the Spurs were able to get  back on track and do what they have always managed to do...take care of business.



And in the end our very own coach Pop was able to bring some humor to game 1 of the NBA Finals during the post game interviews.

This is not the first time Lebron has had an issue with leg cramps...several weeks ago he was limited in playing due to the same problem. That hasn't been mentioned at all due to this series being a much bigger stage and rest assured  all seven Miami Heat "fans" here in S.A.  Lebron will be fine. 

Sunday will  be game 2 of the NBA Finals here in S.A. at the AT&T Center and LeBron and company should be ready for a little payback in regards to pulling off a win here before heading back home. 

And the Spurs will be ready as well  trying to be more secure with ball handling and demonstrating that it's nothing personal....just taking care of unfinished business.