We recently played audio of a little Carolina Panthers fan sobbing because his favorite player Steve Smith was released. It was hilarious even though I criticized his Dad for doing a bit with his distraught kid by rolling tape on a terrible time in the little man's life. Funny... but mean. It reminded me how passionate I used to be about sports and why I became such a sports nut in the first place. It also reminded me how cynical I've become as I've gotten older and more "knowledgable" about pro sports leagues. That little kid didn't care that HGH is rampant in an NFL that lies to it's fan base about caring for player safety. It didn't even register to him that Steve Smith is too old and expensive and the move to dump him was the right one for Carolina. He couldn't care less that Carolina's on the rise with a studly young QB and all they have to do is go 9-7 and they'll assure themselves of a slot in the post season tournament. It mattered not to him that the Panthers have just about as good a shot as anyone in this watered down, crossroads looming, "hoggy" NFL as Mark Cuban said. All this little chap knew was that his favorite player had been dumped by his favorite team and he was mad as hell. We could learn something from that kid.