It is official, 14 in a row for the San Antonio Spurs as they walk away with the win against the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday night.



And speaking of the San Antonio Spurs, you would think that there are few things that would rattle some of the players nerves to such a point  they simply would refuse to do something ordinary people do.....such as stay in a hotel . Evidently on one occasion during a road trip, Tim Duncan experienced something "creepy" .


Can't have a week without a dose of "WTH" from the Dallas Cowboys. This time the Cowboys may have a good case to be pissed over the antics of a former Cowboy.  Especially one known previously by the name of Jay Ratliff.


                                       (Courtesy : Getty Images)

More bad news for Texas Rangers fans.  The injury bug has hit the team once again.



There are times where a person has to ask themselves after looking at a particular you tube.....why did I actually watch this ?  Since there never is a justifiable answer when the video is extremely bad, the second question is immediate, do these people have nothing better to do ?

Sadly in the case of these individuals the answer is no,  they do not . Even worse is the pride demonstrated as they demolish eggs as if the FDA has demanded them to do so with really bad background music and slow motion sequences a mandatoty requirement.   Enjoy.