Yesterday, Geoff Sheen was periodically taking calls on whether it was Boris Diaw, Patty Mills or Marco Belinelli who needed to step up their profile the most for Game 2. I heard some intriguing responses and I have one of my own. It's neither of them. All 3 will have to do a deal at some point during this year's run but the man (other than The Big 3) who must bring it every night iS Kawhi Leonard. Mills is making his maiden voyage through playoff waters. Belinelli is a decent veteran who can shoot the lights on when he's on and has nullified Matt Bonner's existence. Diaw is Diaw. Steady and heady vet who plays bigger than he is. But it's Leonard who's been deemed Next Big Thing by Pop and it's Leonard who's time needs to be now if this thing is going to win another title... or at least go really far again. Need big offensive games from Kawhi Leonard, in the 15 ppg neighborhood. He had 11 in Game 1 but he was only 4-11 shooting. 11 shots will work but 4 makes won't get it done in later rounds.