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Yes.....it is Wednesday. But before any punches, something a little different.


Poor  fans,students and faculty at the University of Texas. Seems that somebody has helped the landscaping department  by adding extra color amidst the bluebonnets.


First they will replace jockies and then ?


Shall we begin "virtual  punching" ?

Even if I were a Los Angeles Lakers fan, he is the one reason I would refuse to continue my fandom.  Very poor choice by management  for the position  Okay, there are a huge list of other  other reasons why I'm not a fan, but for the sake of this article....work with me.


There are certain individuals who will take advantage of tragedies for the sake of pulling off what they consider a practical joke. All in poor taste and the following is a perfect example of sheer idiocy.

Another really bad 'Sports' movie ? Many think so.



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The Seattle Marinees ran into a unexpected "trio" .


The San Antonio Spurs take on the Los Angeles Lakers tonight at the AT&T Center .  You can hear all the action starting at 6:30 on our big brother station News Radio 1200 WOAI.