As we get ready for game 2 of the NBA Western Conference Finals tonight with the Spurs vs is perhaps the best example of why Spurs fans should be proud of what the team has accomplished over the years.




There is a saying "keep you own porch clean" .  Not sure if Roger Goodell has ever heard anyone in his crowd mention this during meetings.   But it makes sense to make sure everything you need to take care of  under your management is spotless before chiming in on other organizations issues.

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“I think they made the right decision. I salute Adam Silver for being decisive. He made the right statement and he’s doing the right things,” Goodell said.


Summer is almost here and for the thrill seekers looking always looking for a new you go.




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Looks like the battle between the NBA and Clippers owner Donald Sterling is going to be messy and an  extremely long one . .


Tonight  game  #2 of the NBA  Western Conference Finals returns to the AT&T Center as the Spurs go for a 2-0 advantage against the OklahomA City Thunder.  You can hear all the action starting at 7pm on out big brother station News Radio 1200 WOAI .