People get too hung up on who I root for i.e. who my teams are.

I'll be honest with you. Working in this business long enough turns you cynical and over the years you tend to wind up liking or respecting somebody on every team in the league. Likewise, you wind up learning who the jerks, poor humans and ignorant people are who play for teams you've grown up actually being a fan of. For instance, I was taught that the Giants, Eagles and especially the Red Skins formed the Axis of Evil. The reality of it is The Maras who own NYG and the Luries who own the Eagles are outstanding, giving people and it's hard to call them enemies. At the same time, if you were born and raised in say, Nevada.. would you really be able to say that you truly like Jerry Jones? Doubtful. It's all individual and especially in pro sports things get intertwined. Guys play for several teams and coaches coach at several schools. You think Kliff Kingsbury really loves Texas A&M football? No way. He loves Kevin Sumlin and the people that have helped him get this far. I get crap for "not being at UT grad"... Please. Did you know that the same man who basically built TCU's football stadium is the same man who's name is on the Longhorns athletic center? The great Tex Moncrief. Fort Worth's own.

I support any and ALL things Texas with a few exceptions but since you're so hung up on it... here are the teams I'd continue to root for even when I get fired from radio.

-- Dallas Cowboys - The best memory to this point I've had with Big Mike was celebrating winning the NFC title in 1993. We ran out into the front yard screaming like wild banshies.

-- Texas Rangers - Big Mike's mom and my grandma Mildred watched every game every night for 30 years. I cried when we won the pennant in 2010.

-- San Antonio Spurs - My twins were born in SA and I met my wife in SA. I've grown quite fond of how professional Pop is and what a remarkable man he seems to be in his personal life.

-- Dallas Stars - I would not be here if not for play by play announcer Ralph Strangis. My entire life changed when he helped me get my first real radio job at ESPN in Dallas.

-- All TCU athletics - Big Mike's first job as a teenager was placing chair backs on the bleachers for fans who pre-ordered them before every home game. I would leave radio today if TCU came with an offer to work in some capacity at the university.

-- My outside state t-shirt fandom:

Los Angeles Dodgers - Lived in LA as a little kid and fell in love with the 88 World Series team. I attended a broadcasters camp out there in 1995 and one of the first things I did when we got to LA was buy Dodgers/Mets tickets.

Duke Basketball - Coach K is the Pop of the NCAA. What more to be said?

I support the Longhorns, Aggies and all other Texas universities and I mean that. Like I said, there are people on every team I can think of that I like and respect and there's also people on my teams that I can't stand individually.

I tend to support coaches more than players, actually. Mack Brown, Kevin Sumlin, Gary Patterson and That Bob Stoops all have big fans in me. Joe Torre was another one before he went to work for MLB.

Don't get so hung up on who I support and who I criticize. I'm always fair. Even to teams I don't like very much. At the end of the day... we just talking about football.