I guess after residing in an apartment the last few years I've forgotten just how much work goes into buying a home... not the process of actually purchasing, which is big enough of a pain, but after you move in. Mower, edger, rake, hoe (giggle), light fixtures, etc. It was completely missed by me that I never bothered to have the gas turned on. We've had gas from the day we moved in about a month ago and it just occurred to me yesterday that I had been using the previous person's gas. The energy company shut it off yesterday so we went almost a day and a half without hot water. I found out just what a weak American idiot I am. Couldn't shower and stank was all over me. My morning pre-show showers are essential for unclogging my head especially with this current bevy of mountain cedar that's attacked Texas. Sorry for sucking snot this morning and sounding like Barry White.

I'll pick Seattle and Denver in the Super Bowl (which of course is actually a kiss of death) and the reasons are thus: Denver is better overall than New England even though the Patriots have the better QB (just barely) and the better coaching staff (just barely) but the Broncos are at home and so are the Sea Hawks and that's good enough for me.

Hoping it's true that Norv Turner is the next OC in Minnesota under Mike Zimmer. Johnny Manziel would blow up there. Far away from Texas, excellent offensive coach and in a blue state where acting a fool is considered eccentric.

Heck yes I have a "man purse" and in it you will find baby stuff and books and magazines. It's an Army green standard issue man bag or satchel. I'm damn near 40 and I don't care what you think.

See you Monday. Was given the opportunity to take MLK Day off but I'll be in the saddle. The black man deserves the day off and the white man SHOULD be working that day.... even rednexicans. I may do a "Brothers only" calls hour from 8-9.