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  I've heard  excuses given for loosing various items, but this is a new one.



Let's face it we all "showboat" after doing something we think is great at least once or twice in our lifetime. Sometimes it backfires and makes the accomplishment and ourselves look like an idiot. Last night almost became a prime example of that last statement for Yasiel Puig last night during game #3 of the National League Championship series.

         SI.com's Cliff Cocoran breaks down Puig's celebration and standup triple .


So how is your NFL team doing so far ?

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If you are not really sure, or hoping to get another opinion.......

Here's BleacherReport.com's power ranking for week #7.


There have been a lot of incredible combinationa over the years.  Peanut butter and jelly, football and Sundays, free movie passes and cheap dates..... 

But now Aggie fans you have your own "dynamic duo"