I was stunned and shocked this morning when I found out that the great Vince Young decided to Block me from following him on Twitter. I’ve been following VY for years so it must have something to do with recent happenings. I thought back to some of the stuff I’ve rambled on about in regards to him this Summer and I can’t think of a single reason why he’d block me, other than perhaps, The Taylor Curse. As Spurs fans are well aware, The Curse is evil and powerful and will rip your guts out like that guy screaming for his Mama during the opening beach scene of Saving Private Ryan. Other than it being The Curse though, I can’t figure it out.
I could say maybe it’s because he’s thin skinned but even then, all I’ve been is positive toward him on the air. I’ve long defended him (too much so at times) and taken a hell of a lot of abuse for it from the people. I could suggest that maybe he only wants to hear positive Longhorn talk but I don’t know for sure. I hope that’s not the case because that would mean that he doesn’t want to keep it real regarding UT. Maybe he’d rather hear other shows that are afraid to say anything negative and God knows there are a few of those in and around South and Central Texas. Even then though, I’ve defended Mack Brown all Summer and if I’ve made one message this year it’s that Texas needs more Vince Youngs in the program. Ironic.
It’s cool and VY is a grown man and I’m thrilled for him that things are apparently turning out good in Green Bay. I would tell Vince the same thing I told Spurs GM R.C. Buford one time. The show is about you but it is not for you. It’s for your fans. Whether players or GM’s listen or not is of no consequence to me. I’m not using my radio show to promote my columns in a website rag and Lord knows I’m not some jock sniffer like some stations hire. I’m always going to tell it like I see it. I may be wrong with an opinion but it’s always going to be from the heart and if that makes a guy block me on Twitter so be it.