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A Case Of National Nonsense

A Case Of National Nonsense
Posted December 4th, 2013 @ 2:22pm

On Monday's show, I talked about the disease that is spreading into every sports town in America. It's called National Nonsense. Unfortunately, we are not safe from the virus in San Antonio.  Too much ESPN. Too many national sports talk radio networks. It's everywhere.

For the uninitiated, National Nonsense is when a story that is not remotely important becomes a huge deal for no reason. Then, it becomes the ONLY thing anyone is talking about. It's the lede on "Around the Horn" and "Skip Bayless and Screaming A Smith Yell At Each Other Show" (that's what it's called, right?).

National nonsense is delivering a huge body blow today. Jacoby Ellsbury just signed with the Yankees (everyone cares about New York!) for a billion dollars or something. It's super important because no player has ever gotten an overblown salary from the Yankees. AND Ellsbury played for the Red Sox! No player has ever left Boston to get more money in New York!! **AND** the Yankees said they were going to be fiscally responsible even though they could buy and sell every player in baseball just off the money they make from YES Network. Why won't they just act like the Oakland A's because that's ever been their M.O?

Coming up today on The Show, NOT this. Thank you.

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