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Do It For The Smasher

Posted June 2nd, 2014 @ 2:39pm

As a kid, my brother and I would go see movies at the out-of-town mall.  This wasn't the nice mall. It was ghetto except for two things: the Chinese food restaurant and the arcade next to the movie theatre.  In the arcade was the 8th greatest arcade game (6 player X-Men is #1 FYI) of all time: Konami’s The Main Event.

The game had a joy stick and ONE button labeled “ACTION.”  No A and B.  No “punch” and “jump.”  ACTION.  That was it.  And it was awesome.

The best thing about The Main Event?  The clearly ripped off WWF characters!

Characters included Conan the Great (Hulk Hogan with white hair and tights rather than yellow), Kamikaze Ken (obviously Ricky Steamboat), San Antonio Smasher (we got stuck with Koko B. Ware, more to follow), Saturn Six (kind of looks like Warlord from Powers of Pain, but definitely wearing a Demolition outfit), Bigfoot Joe (King Kong Bundy with orange hair), and Alan The Empire (a red-haired, bearded André the Giant. Seriously, look at the pic below…did they just take a photo of Andre? What a ripoff!).  the only guy that wasn’t a direct steal of a WWF guy was El Condor (similar to Mil Mascaras, the most famous Mexican wrestler at the time).


The only debate is the likeness of The Maui Mauler.  Most places listed him as a Haku ripoff, but I think it’s more Tonga Kid than Haku.

So what happened to the game?  According to Wikipedia:

The game is extremely rare and was all but removed from circulation due to alleged copyright infringements on the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). First, the name The Main Event could not be used because the rights to use that phrase were owned by the WWF. Also, although using different names, each and every wrestler a player could choose from was a lookalike of a contemporary WWF wrestler.

What I did not remember (until yesterday) was the Koko B Ware guy being called The San Antonio Smasher.  At the time this game was created, Koko was already jobbing out to guys like Rick Rude:

We need to avenge the San Antonio Smasher!  No more jobs.  No more parrots.  It stops this week with Game 1 of the Finals!  Let’s put San Antonio back on top so the next time Konami rips off the WWE, we are the John Cena character, not some mid-level jobber like Koko B Ware.

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