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Don't You EVER Change, Barry

Don't You EVER Change, Barry
Posted February 25th, 2014 @ 11:56am

I will never apologize for being a wrestling fan, but my one issue with "THIS BUSINESS" (copyright HHH) is their ability to change history. The facts get blurred and a new version of "what actually happened" gets told years after the fact. As a fan, you just have to roll your eyes at the bravado of the McMahon family's attempt to change the details.

You know who would be GREAT as a wrestling promoter?  Barry Switzer. Check out this whopper. From CBS DFW:

Switzer joined New School on 105.3 The Fan to defend his former boss and clear up the events that led to Johnson’s departure.


“Why do you think that they got a divorce?” said Switzer. “Jimmy is the one that cheated on him. If you want to talk about a marriage here — you go back and look at all the negative things that [Jimmy] said…the things he did and the way he treated Jerry — and he’s the owner.”


“Jimmy and Jerry had a poor relationship, and Jerry finally got fed up with it, sucked up his gut, and fired his ass,” said Switzer. “A bunch of coaches won’t even speak to Jerry because they’re worried about Jimmy getting on their ass or firing their ass — I’m telling you. That’s how it was.”

Really? Is that how it was? And you know this because you were in Oklahoma at the time, but Jerry let you know the "real deal?" Nice try, Vince. I mean, Barry.

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