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Holy &%^#! They Found Footage of the Black Sox Games

Posted May 2nd, 2014 @ 3:37pm

Why aren't more people talking about this???  The 1919 World Series.  The Black Sox Scandal.  Was it obvious to the fans watching?  What was being said DURING the Series? From SI:

Thanks to some historical researchers, roughly five minutes of actual video from the games has been unearthed.


The video was shot by a British newsreel company named Pathe News and was discovered in the archives of a Canadian library by a White Sox fan trying to make a documentary about lost films. The film of the series ended up in the Canadian Yukon and was then consigned to a basement of a local library. In 1929, the film, along with hundreds of other cans of footage, was dumped into an empty swimming pool that was being converted into a hockey rink. The films lay preserved below the ice and dirt until 1978, when the rink was bulldozed and the cans were uncovered. From there, the films were sent to the Canadian national archives in Ottawa and remained in storage there until filmmaker Bill Morrison unexpectedly found the 1919 Series footage in January.

Wow! Check it out.

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