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Party Like It's 1776

Posted July 16th, 2014 @ 2:02pm

How to keep American interested in soccer when it's not the World Cup? Interesting idea from Slate:

July Fourth is meant to be celebrated by drinking beer while indulging in garish, flag-draped displays of nationalism. So too is international soccer. On the eve of the revolution, the United States was a ragtag upstart fighting against a vast empire.

[Have] the United States play against the soccer-mad English. We’d be taking them on at their own beloved game. What would be in it for England? To start, national teams use friendly matches outside of major tournaments to road-test their lineups.

They would also have the opportunity to market their star players in one of the world’s biggest markets—the leadership of England’s Premier League would no doubt be pleased. But far more importantly, they would get the chance to exact some sweet revenge on behalf of the crown. If we win, it’s 1776. If they win, it’s the War of 1812—at least the burning of the White House part.

Who's in? USA vs England on July 4th!

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