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So Close

Posted August 8th, 2014 @ 12:23pm

Remember earlier this week when Becky Hammon was announced as a new Spurs assistant coach? Remember when I said that it was encouraging that the "this is OUR sandbox" crew of male sports media guys didn't totally overreact and diminish the accomplishment?

Well, we (and when I write "we" I don't include "me") found a way to make this negative! From Slate:

Today, a team of CBS Sports college sports reporters posed a similar question to a group of anonymous NCAA coaches: Do they think a woman will head up a men’s Division I basketball team within the next 25 years? Forty-two percent of coaches said that they don’t see it happening. As one anonymous coach put it: "A big part of being a college coach is molding boys into successful men. Obviously a woman can't do that. I just don't see a place for it."

Get out of our sandbox, Becky!!! (Not really)

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