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The Most Patronizing Story in Baseball

The Most Patronizing Story in Baseball
Posted February 28th, 2014 @ 2:29pm

Good news on the #MLBinSA front! The San Francisco Giants (the same team that is blocking the Oakland A's from financial success to match their on-field product) has offered the A's use of AT&T Park...IF the A's promise to stop trying to move to San Jose! From ESPN:

"They've got to come up with a long-term plan," Baer told the San Jose Mercury News. "Once that's arrived at, then maybe you'll take a step back and say, 'Is there something we can do to be helpful?' As a neighborly thing."

The A's want out of Coliseum in Oakland, the fourth-oldest park in baseball and the franchise's home since it moved from Kansas City, Mo., in 1968.

It's not the stadium! It's the awful city that surrounds it. Thanks for the c-block, Giants. Someone get Nolan Ryan on the phone!

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