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The NFL Hates Everybody

The NFL Hates Everybody
Posted October 28th, 2013 @ 12:36pm


I have said for about three years (I take no pleasure in writing this) that the NFL hates their fans.  It’s clear.  Pricing fans out of these mega stadiums that only care about luxury boxes.  Blacking out games when we don’t sell out those stadiums.  A million commercial breaks. It's terrible.

Worse, the new ideas that fans have not asked for OR WANT.  We don’t want an 18 game schedule?  Too bad. It’s always on the lips of owners.  Bad ratings and a general lack of attention for Thursday night football?  Too bad. They’re doubling (or even tripling) the amount of games on that night!

We don’t think it’s important to have a team in London?  Whatever, because according to Peter King, the NFL is figuring out a way to make a season schedule work for London.

It got me thinking. We know the NFL hates their fans, but maybe it’s just possible they only hate American fans.  Maybe they love European fans more.  NOPE!

Saw this from NBC Sports…

So while local fans are enjoying the experiment, they are not expecting a London-based franchise to arrive any time soon.

"It's a minority sport here, you don't see people out in the park throwing an American football around. It's all about this spectacle. I won't wear this jersey unless there's an event on," said 42-year-old Jonathan Gardner, clad in his orange Denver Broncos jersey featuring John Elway's No. 7.

"I don't see a franchise coming here," said Gardner, who played amateur football in his native Belfast as a teenager. "Football still has to overcome a load of prejudices here, many people think they aren't real athletes and compare them to rugby players, who are just as physical but don't need pads."

London treats these games like we treat the World Cup.  We buy the jersey, pay attention for a short period of time, then go back to the games we actually care about. And the NFL is building a franchise around that?

We know this is all for money. It always has been. Perhaps the best question is: will the NFL ever make a future decision based on fan support rather than business interest?

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