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UPDATE: #MLBinSA Is A Thing...Or Not

Posted July 3rd, 2014 @ 2:08pm

UPDATE: Oakland balked. Approved an extention for the lease for 10 years. Still has to be approved by both sides later this month.

You guys.  YOU GUYS!  MLB Commish Bud Selig said the Oakland A's can officially move out of Oakland ASAP!  Someone get Nolan Ryan on the phone.  Call the Mayor!  Text the Governor!  SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!!!

From ESPN:

Oakland Athletics owner Lew Wolff said he has received permission from commissioner Bud Selig to move the team immediately from Coliseum unless a new stadium deal is agreed upon, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Thursday.

The Chronicle obtained an email from Wolff sent to city and county officials on Wednesday night in which the owner said, "I was informed tonight that Commissioner Selig, due to the possibility of not having the hearing and vote that we were purported to receive from the JPA (Joint Powers Authority board), that we will immediately be allowed to seek a temporary or permanent location outside the city of Oakland."

Worth noting: the territorial rights to San Jose are still owned by the San Francisco Giants.  The Giants have no intention on giving them up.

We've ended the Taylor Curse. Goal #2: MLBinSA. We are on it!

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