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Weird Al Is The Man. Deal With It.

Posted August 7th, 2014 @ 1:57pm

There's a petition to have Weird Al play the Super Bowl halftime show. Let withleather sum it up:

Every year, around this time, the familiar geek chorus rises up again and proclaims, “LET THERE BE WEIRD AL.” Over at, there’s a petition asking, nay, demanding that “Weird Al Yankovic [should] headline the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show.” In year’s past, this has been a silly pipe dream, something that only a very small (compared to, say, Shakira’s), but dedicated fanbase has clamored for. But to quote a Biggie song that Weird Al never got around to parodying (yet?), things done changed. Weird Al is the proud owner of a #1 album, so suddenly, this doesn’t seem farfetched.

Seems reasonable to me. Yet, it's getting dumped on. "How can we let someone like Weird Al play the Super Bowl?!?!?," says people that don't love fun.

Here's why: every Super Bowl halftime show sucks. Whether it's a montage of new acts that 75% of the audience never heard of OR an old act (looking at you, The Who) proving to be a shell of themselves, why not go for a little novelty?

Sign the petition. Get Weird Al.  At least it would be unique and fun.  Plus, UHF, you guys! UHF!!!

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