Are the Commanders the Gunslingers 2.0? Hold On...

Rough Headlines Lead to Speculation About The AAF

Guest Writer: Jonas Clark

San Antonio is excited about the Alliance of American Football. That is evident by back-to-back home games of over 25,000 in attendance, both the highest turnouts across the league so far. Then again, non-NFL teams are nothing new to the Alamo City, and neither are the struggles. For those that were around for Gunslingers, the difficulties of starting a new league cast a shadow of doubt and bring back unpleasant memories of payroll embarrassments. That's why Tuesday morning's headlines about the AAF being unable to pay athletes, including the San Antonio Commanders caught many in disbelief.

Phillip Higginbotham has his ear to all things AAF and the Commanders, as he hosts a podcast called the SA Command Post. He didn't see this coming, but has deeper insight into why and how the headlines came about and what is going on. He joined Gylon Jackson, filling in for Chris Duel, on Tuesday's edition of The Chris Duel Show. Check out his segment and the whole show from Tuesday below.

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