Pop's Last Season? Not So Fast.

Coach Popovich's Exit Interview Previews Spurs Stability For 2019 - 2020 Season

All season, San Antonio fans wondered if they were watching Gregg Popovich's last season in the NBA. It isn't the "Spurs Way" anyone to make a show of their final season; Tim didn't do it, Manu didn't do it, and we can't expect Pop to be the first to go on a "Last Dance" tour.

While many fans and analysts across the league questioned if Popovich's style could still produce a championship in this NBA, this season was a first look at the Silver and Black without a member of the Big 3 on the roster. The team also missed their top two point guards from last year's roster on the floor after Dejounte Murray's injury.

That goes to say, the future is bright. As Popovich enters contract negotiations with the team (he currently has a year left on his deal), all signs point to him still occupying the same chair he has for the Spurs over 23 seasons.

Check out the segment from Monday's show where I read into Pop's words and present why he isn't done.

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