A Doctor's Perspective: Cowboys, Spurs and #2

Take It From the Doc, Kawhi Leonard's "Injury" Isn't Special

Guest Writer: Jonas Clark

Last night The Chris Duel Show was live from the new Airrosti offices for an event they were having, and it was great to have Dr. Jason Garrett join Chris for multiple segments. You can check out the full show below were they discussed the contract dilemmas facing the Dallas Cowboys, the power of the NBA's Western Conference, and a couple of questions on sports health.

You've heard it before, but Dr. Garrett has worked with local professional athletes on their recovery from sports injuries. Given the doctor's expertise, Chris had to ask about #2's injury (who is #2 in more ways than one), as Kawhi is excelling in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The Dr. Garrett didn't hold back when Chris mentioned the quad injury that Kawhi sustained in the Western Conference Finals just two years ago now.

"He's had this issue since he was in high school, had it at San Diego State, had it his rookie year with the Spurs, had it throughout, and for whatever reason, something got between his ears - probably his uncle - and convinced him he needed to go somewhere else. He could've played that year [2017-2018] with us. He could've played just as well as he's playing right now."

Dr. Garrett shares that some of the injury issues that Kawhi deals with are quite common among NBA players, who make the choice to play through it rather than sitting out.

Hearing that just twists the knife that #2's stats line is already stabbing us with. In the playoffs this year, he is averaging 38.5 minutes, at 31.4 ppg /8.4 rpg / 3.6 apg on 51.2% shooting after last night's win in Game 5. Ouch.

To hear the full episode of The Chris Duel Show with Dr. Jason Garrett as Chris' guest, just click on the play button below!

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