Colin Kaepernick Would Rather be a Martyr Than Play Football

Listen to Clay Travis blast Colin Kaepernick after it was reported that the banished former NFL quarterback had turned down an offer to play in the American Alliance Football league after countering with a $20 million contract demand.

Clay says Kaepernick has absolutely no desire to ever play football again and would rather be a martyr monetizing his victim persona as he continues to sue the NFL for collusion.

Travis believes if Kaepernick REALLY wanted to make a comeback to the NFL, then he would play in the AAF and dominate the inferior minor league and show people that he’s still good enough to be a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Check out the audio below as Clay thinks it’s a joke Kaepernick asked for $20 million, which would equate to $2 million a game in the ten-week season, or what Aaron Rodgers makes per game in the NFL in a 16-week calendar.

Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis

Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis

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