Dan Patrick: How the Coronavirus Is Affecting the Sports World



Dan Patrick took some time to discuss his thoughts on the coronavirus and how it has affected the world and of course the sports world. Soccer was one of the first sports to deal with this on a major level and now it's made its way to the NBA, NHL, and MLB. It may only be a matter of time before the NFL is added to that list.

"Within a month's time we're gonna have the Final Four. Final Four and a championship game with 70,000 people...or will we. There's symbolism at play here. You may not live in an area directly affected by the virus yet, or you may not see a lot of this day-to-day, but athletes performing in an empty stadium could bring the image home to millions. You're already seeing this in Italy with soccer matches that are played with no fans in the stands."

Watch below as Dan Patrick breaks down the impact of coronavirus on sports today.

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