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Colin Cowherd on LeBron Retiring: 'NBA is Finally Ready to Move Off LeBron'

Colin Cowherd: “LeBron talked about retirement after the game and it would be the perfect time. It would be clean. Even the great Michael Jordan, what a clunky ending it was. LeBron broke Kareem’s record, they just beat Steph and the dynasty out West in the Warriors, he had a great last game, they exceeded expectations, and Anthony Davis just had his longest stretch of healthy basketball as a Laker. Is that gonna last? Not to be cynical, but if AD crumbles down in December or January during a two-week stretch you’re going to have LeBron carrying this group of guys. It would be kind of a sad ending, wouldn’t it? It would be a much cleaner ending than Michael Jordan. It could feel like John Elway or the great overlooked quarterback, Roger Staubach, where both were very good at the end, you could sense their age, then Elway and Staubach went into business and got really, really rich. I know, I know, he wants to ‘play with this son.’ It’s kind of odd, right? Any time LeBron plays with anybody they’re in his shadow. He played with Hall of Fame level players and Bronny is probably not. Great players get compared to LeBron and are often marginalized. My guess is he wants to play with his son but then we’d start comparing Bronny to his dad and that’s just unfair. The league is finally ready to move off LeBron. Steph is the biggest TV draw, here comes Victor Wembanyama, the Knicks are now good and about a piece away from being really good, so you got the New York and Boston market, there are several really fun and interesting young teams— Cleveland, Sacramento, the Nuggets… The league is ready for it [LeBron’s retirement], it’s time for it. LeBron is still great…for a half, or spurts. Isn’t LeBron too big and too regal for a cheesy retirement tour?” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks now is the ‘perfect time’ for LeBron James to retire from the NBA, as the basketball world breaks down LeBron’s seemingly cryptic post-game speech regarding his NBA future following the Lakers’ embarrassing Western Conference Finals sweep at the hands of the Nuggets.

Check out the segment above as Colin lists the reasons why it would be fitting for the four-time NBA champion to walk away right now.

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