Sports Grind History - As recent as 2004, Sports Grind Entertainment was just a cloud of smoke when Calvin, Rudy J and Salami were given an opportunity on a San Antonio news/talkradio station. It was their first chance at doing not only a weekly sports show, but also allowed them to work for the Texas Sports Radio Network, covering high school football for and with Bobby Stotzenberger.

The SPORTS GRIND eventually became a regular weekend show on Ticket 760, adding Monday thru Friday shows in early 2008.

About the show - While Spurs and Cowboys are king in San Antonio, the SPORTS GRIND refused to let that limit the shows coverage. Co-host Calvin Casey reasons "San Antonio is a huge military city and one of the fastest growing cities in America. Yes, we want to be local, but we try to touch everything due to the dynamics of this great city. We set out to have an urban vibe but still want to be appealing to all." Calvin adds "We're just three laid back guys who don't take themselves seriously. Our keys to victory have always been to be us and let out our natural chemistry of knowing each other 20 plus years shine thru."

Sports Grind Callers - "We love to talk but get true pleasure in interacting with the callers. It really makes it all worth it to know someone actually wants to talk with us on the show."

Sports Grind on Ticket 760 - "We always felt Ticket 760 was the best fit for us and that has been the case." Calvin sums it up by adding "I hope y'all enjoy this journey and growth process as much as we will. Keep Grinding!"



(210) 736 - 9760