All Texas Super Bowl - Why The Hell Not?

All Texas Super Bowl? Why The Hell Not?

If you've been listening to The Chris Duel Show, you know that I've been pushing for a All Texas Super Bowl, and with both teams now in the playoffs (PLAYOFFS?!?), we're that much closer to it actually happening. According to Bleacher Report this week, the Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys both have 25-1 odds of making the "Big Game" this February. The state of Texas would surely love this battle of big brother vs little brother (no offense Texans), but would the rest of the nation care? It's football, of course they would! 

Maybe I'm a little bias (Get off my lawn!), but it still would be a great match-up that the NFL could highlight that would be full of young stars. Dak Prescott, Deshaun Watson, Zeke Elliott, DeAndre Hopkins, Leighton Vander Esch and Jadeveon Clowney. Not to mention a coaching match-up that is unpredictable, though I'm not sure if that is a good thing. As for the story-lines, it would be "America's Team" returning to the Super Bowl 22 years after their last appearance in the 1996 season, which happened to be the last year of the Houston Oilers. There's no need to worry about ratings, there'd be something in the game for both the causal fan and the die-hard.

Even if it isn't Dallas / Houston, we may still see a regionalized Super Bowl if both the Chargers and Rams were to make it. The Rams have 39-10 odds versus the Chargers 12-1, which makes it much more likely than a Texas series, per Bleacher Report. You'd still watch, right? Last year's CFP National Championship Game drew 28.443 million viewers that featured two teams from the same region, and even the same conference. While it was only the 4th year of the playoff system, the game ranks second behind the inaugural game featuring Oregon and Ohio State (Chicago Tribune). So does America care where the teams come from? Nope, just give us football! So I pray to the football gods, and praise Tom Landry that we can be blessed with a All Texas Super Bowl. #PraiseTomLandry

Chris Duel

Chris Duel

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