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History Was Made During The 2020 NFL Season

Getting through the entire NFL season was pretty much a miracle as the world continued to deal with COVID-19. One notable difference that took place during the season (aside from the lack of fans) was everyone on the sideline had to wear a mask. They came in many varieties with many teams opting to use them as a marketing tool by creating masks with their team name and logo on them.

To kick off the season Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid sported a face shield. It sounds cooler than it is. When the face shield first made its appearance on the sidelines of the Chiefs vs. Texans game fans quickly noticed that the shield continued to fog up throughout the game prompting memes and parodies aplenty. After wearing the face shield for a couple of games and using de-fogger to clear his vision Andy Reid ultimately settled on a red Chiefs mask to finish out the season.

You might be asking yourself, what happened to the iconic face shield and will we ever see it again? Well, good news football fans! An in-game worn face shield and hat from Coach Reid himself has made its way to the Pro Football Hall of Fame were it will be on display for all to see.

What an amazing piece of what we might say in 10, 15 or even 20 years from now. How strange a man wore that on the sideline of a football game. Let's hope masks are no longer required next season so this now priceless artifact can stay in its new home. Would hate for Andy to have to break it out to use it again next season.

Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry?

Some might say it's never too late to say sorry. Jset Owens took to the notes app to apologize to Cam Newton about the way he behaved and interacted with the MVP at the 7v7 camp. The young football player was being lit up on social media for the video of the "conversation" he had with Cam. A video that will now live on forever.

Let's hope Jset really is turning the page and learning from the experience.

The Fighting Irish - Not In The Game

It seems all sports fans and gamers are excited for the release of the next installment of NCAA Football from EA Sports. Fans have been asking for the game to return for years. Although the game is still a few years out from officially returning, bumps in the road to the release have already come along.

Yesterday Notre Dame Athletics announced it would not agree to participate in the game believing players should be compensated for their name, image and likeness. We'd be foolish to believe this sort of statement wasn't going to come from a school at some point. But for Notre Dame, one of the most iconic programs in college football history to come out and say it first, that's quite a big bump for EA Sports to get over. Time will tell if the NCAA and EA Sports can come to a resolution to pay players which would then see Notre Dame being added back to the game. The questions I have now are, what will this mean for Notre Dame's recruiting? Will kids be swayed to go elsewhere so they can be in a video game, paid or not? And how long will it take for other schools to release their own statements similar to that of the Irish should they feel the same way about player compensation?

Selfishly, as a fan of the video game and the sport I need a resolution sooner rather than later. I guess all we can do now is wait.

Taco-Bout A Chicken Sandwich

Just when you thought the chicken sandwich wars were settling down another fast food joint throws their hat in the ring. In a twist that I'm sure most didn't see coming Taco Bell is coming out with the Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco. Fans of Taco Bell are both ecstatic about the announcement of the new menu item and also a little confused. Taco Bell spent most of 2020 cutting their menu down and getting rid of a lot of fan favorites, so for them to add a chicken sandwich seems to be out of left field.

Want to try their latest creation? Tough. It is going through a test run in limited markets beginning in March so it could be a while before you see it on your local drive through menu. I guess for now you will just have to stick with one of the other 89 fast food chicken sandwich options.

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